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Chick Order Term and Conditions

By ordering your birds through EFC you agree: 

EFC cannot be held responsible for the mortality of birds. 

No refunds will be issued for the death of birds, nor replacements given.

Accuracy of sexed birds is subject to hatchery of origin conditions and are not the responsibility of EFC.  If you absolutely cannot have a cockerel, do NOT order Barred Rock, Columbian Rock X or Rhode Island Reds.

Delivery times are estimated as accurately as possible, but can be subject to change due to circumstances outside our control. 

A valid phone number must be left in order for us to attempt to contact you should changes to arrival dates occur. 

Orders must be paid for in full at the date of order. 

Should you decide to cancel your order, EFC must be informed before the cut-off order date in order to cancel your birds with the hatchery. 

No birds will be held in-store overnight. If you do not pick-up your chicks they will be rehomed and no refunds will be offered.

 Arrangements must be made to have your birds picked up on your behalf if you are unable to pick them up. 

There is NO "extras" list--extras will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.


What we need from you at the time of order

•A valid phone number that we can use to contact you

•The number and variety of birds you wish to order

•A method of payment

We do our best to make sure chick days run smoothly, so we’ll call you to the numbver you provide in advance of our delivery dates to remind you that your birds are coming , or if any changes to estimated delivery dates are made. 

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