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Last Updated: June 24th, 2024

Our Feeds

Important Feed Information

Prices may change instore before the website can be edited.

Due to the high costs of grain and fuel, prices can change at a moments notice.

If you need the most up-to-date pricing please call (709)368-4321 and we

would be happy to assist you.


We are unable to accept ANY feed returns due to a change in CFIA regulations. 

As of July 20, 2022:

If any customers are sending a friend or family member to pick-up and

pay for feed, they must know what they're getting for you.

The cashiers do NOT have access to your accounts.

Feed Return Policy

Mixed tons require 24 hours notice to ensure we have time to pack.

Please call ahead and ensure we have enough feed in stock if you want full tons.

Bale of Hay


Hay Bale: Timothy Grass Mix 

Good for all species including horses and rabbits.

Note: ​ Bales are unable to be wrapped. Please cover location bale will be put in vehicle before entering drive-thru if you wish to reduce mess.

40Ibs: $40.00

Hay Stretch (EconoFoin)

Forage substitute

Good for horses

25kg: $32.75

Timothy Complete/Balance Cubes

Timothy, Beet Pulp (no molasses) and specific minerals and amino acids 


50/50 Cubes

50% Timothy

50% Alfalfa


Alfalfa Cubes

100% Alfalfa


Alfalfa Pellets

100% Alfalfa


*Note: Hay Cubes & Hay Pellets

range between 22kg or 25kg

depending on supplier

Barley Grains


Whole Grains

Whole Corn

Whole corn kernals

5kg: $9.00

25kg: $27.50

Whole Oats

Great source of fiber and energy!

25kg: $31.50

Beet Pulp

High in energy and fiber, low in sugar! 

With Molasses 

 25kg: $38.00

Without Molasses

 25kg: $34.00

Cracked or Crushed 

Cracked Corn

Cracked corn kernals

5kg: $9.00

25kg: $29.00

Crushed Oats

Oats crushed for easier


25kg: $32.00

Crushed Barley

Crushed for easy digestibility

25kg: $26.42


A 3 grain mix of whole barley,

whole oats & cracked corn

5kg: $8.00

25kg: $27.50



Cobalt Iodized Stock Salt

BLUE salt block.

SAFE for sheep.  

2kg: $4.99

20kg: $26.99

Trace Mineralized Stock Salt

BROWN salt block. 

Contains added copper:


2kg: $4.99

20kg: $26.50

5kg: $10.00

25kg: Special Order

Plain White Salt Blocks

WHITE salt. SAFE for sheep.

20kg: $18.00


2kg: Screw mounted wall holders 

20kg: Pans  

Regular stock instore

Loose Trace Mineral Salt

BROWN salt.

Contains added copper:


"If you eat today, thank a farmer."

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