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Young Farmer with Flock of Chickens
  • What is a Layer?
    Layer's are chickens that lay eggs. These birds make great pets!
  • What is a Broiler?
    Broilers are chickens bred for meat. DO NOT make good pets.
  • Can I get a Rooster?
    We do not bring in roosters.
  • What breeds of Turkey's do you get?
    Large White Breasted Always available. Bronze Orlopp Supply is different year to year. We may be unable to get them.
  • Can we choose Tom's or Hen's?
    We only bring in a one sex of turkey at a time. Sex depends on what the hatcheries can provide. The sex available will be updated when chick orders open in February or March.
  • When do you bring in Turkeys?
    June - for October eating August - for December eating Order's are first come first serve and close off usually 2 months before arrival. Orders can be closed early if we sell out what we can order. We recommend ordering early and not waiting until the estimated close off date. Order's are not counted unless paid.
  • What information do I need to provide when I order?
    We require: A valid phone number Name of person getting birds If you are ordering Layers, Broilers or Turkey's and what month(s) A valid method of payment at the time of order. Orders are NOT included until payment is received
  • Are order & arrival dates accurate?
    All order dates are estimates. Orders do close off early if we reach our max numbers. Arrival times are estimates. We do not have conformation until close to order dates as many changes are flight dependent We have seen dates move a couple days or a week or so in either direction.
  • What happens if I cannot pick up my birds during the time's given?
    Our birds spend a long time in transit. This means we need to get them from our store into there homes quickly. Due to this bird's have small pick up windows. We do allow other's to pick up your birds if that is an option, they just need to give your name. If you will be unavailable to take the call for date & time conformation of birds you can ask to have the first number on the order form switched to there number. We are unable to hold birds as per our terms & conditions and agreed upon contract at time of order. If birds are abandoned no refunds will be given and no birds will be held until the next day.
  • When will you call & what numbers will you call?
    We usually call about a week before the estimated arrival date. This can change depending on flight confirmations. We will only call the first number given. A message will be left with the person who answers or the voice mail system. Please provide the number you are most likely to get a message on as we will only call the second number if there are issues on the day of. Calls are generally made from outside the store and come from a private number, do check voicemails incase it is us. We only give the one call about a week before. We do not do day of confirmation calls. Our orders are extremely large and we do not have the resources to call everyone day of. Our timings are set to get the birds immediately distributed to there new homes as soon as they arrive in our store. If for some reason you did not get the call the week before, do call the store to check on the order. If you miss a call from a private number, and it is near expected delivery of birds do call the store to see if you missed any information, technology issues do happen. If this is a persistent problem do check the number we have on file and check voicemails left by private numbers.
  • Can I pay for birds when I pick them up?
    Birds must be paid for at the time of ordering. This ensures we bring in the correct number of birds. Unpaid orders will not be included in our list.
  • Can I order online?
    Unfortunately our system is unable to handle online orders or e-transfer. We cannot take orders over email. Payment needs to be provided at time of order and email is NOT a secure way to pay. Please call the store at 1-709-368-4321 to inquire about available payment options.
  • Do you give bird order refunds?
    We are unable to give any refunds after the order has closed, even if it closes early. Once order is placed we cannot cancel birds with the hatchery.
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