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Last Updated: March 28th, 2024

Our Feeds

Important Feed Information

Prices may change instore before the website can be edited.

Due to the high costs of grain and fuel, prices can change at a moments notice.

If you need the most up-to-date pricing please call (709)368-4321 and we

would be happy to assist you.


We are unable to accept ANY feed returns due to a change in CFIA regulations. 

As of July 20, 2022:

If any customers are sending a friend or family member to pick-up and

pay for feed, they must know what they're getting for you.

The cashiers do NOT have access to your accounts.

Feed Return Policy

Mixed tons require 24 hours notice to ensure we have time to pack.

Please call ahead and ensure we have enough feed in stock if you want full tons.


Horse & Co.


Bagged Supplements:

Equi13 TXT (Molasses Mash) (Formally, Atlantic Horse Mash)

Complete feed designed for adult horses at light to intense exercise.

Grain and molasses make Equi13 TXT appetizing to stimulate consumption.  

HIGH Glycemic (sugar)

25kg: $31.75

NutriFibre (Fat & Fibre)


Legacy Vitamin & Mineral 

Supplement Pellets

(Changing to EquiBalance)

Complete and concentrated

supplement of vitamin,

mineral and essential amino


Without added sugar or

starch, safe for horses with

metabolic disorders.

25kg: $46.50

Designed for horses who are sensitive to starch or sugar.

Excellent choice for all purpose stable feed.   

VERY LOW Glycemic (sugar)

25kg: $38.00

Equi-Jewel Rice Bran 

Adds calories to diet.

Highly digestible.

High fat, low-starch (sugar). 

20kg: $66.90

Senior Pellets

(Formally Legacy Senior)

Formulated for older horses.

The balance of energy sources and added essential amino acids help keep older horses in good conditions.

Tasty ingredients stimulate feed intake and ingestion of nutrients needed at this stage of life.

CONTROLLED Glycemic (sugar)


Vitamin B7.

It is required for the

production of keratin and is

the main protein  that forms

a strong, durable hoof


5kg: $18.00

25kg: $66.35

25kg: $44.50

Materna TXT


Can be ordered by the bag.

Special orders can take 2-4weeks to arrive.  

Complete textured sweet feed feed for foals and mares during gestation and lactation. 

Develop Pellets


Can be ordered by the bag.

Special orders can take 2-4weeks to arrive.  

Formulated for growing foals.

Promotes the healthy development of the musculoskeletal system as well as the maintenance of a strong immune system and an adequate body condition.

We also carry:

Omega Alpha




 Vit E & Selenium:

Strictly Equine (powder)

 Mega Sel (liquid)

Vita-E  Crumbles

Sizes, types and prices vary.

Please call the store at


to check on stock and prices.

Pictures are also available on

our Facebook page.

Other horse stock will be

posted on our Facebook page

when we get shipments.

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For bales of hay, hay cubes & pellets and forage substitutes see HAY section 

For beet pulp (with and without molasses) see GRAIN section

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